20th February 2016
I've created this page as a means to motivate me in my passion of photography, especially given that this is something I have had an active interest in over the last 40 years.
Over the coming weeks and months I intend to post comments related to my observations, things I have learnt, mistakes I have made and methods I have used to stretch my hobby to new limits. I've recently purchased an Olympus OM-D E-10 Mkii with 14-42mm standard lens and 40-150mm zoom lens as a more portable alternative to my much loved, but rather bulky, Canon 5D Mkii. It is my hope that by carrying the new Olympus with me more often, and on my commute to London, I will find new photo opportunities and build a more varied website where I can share my images with family and friends.
At the same time I have set myself some personal challenges to get fit this year and have started running, with an aim to be able to run 10k before year end, and generally improve my work/life balance. My other goals include building on my current Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom skills and widening the project categories within this website.
Should be a fun year......!

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